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What are they? Do they matter? And will they take off?

What does ‘ESG’ stand for?

ESG is an abbreviation of Environmental, Social and Governance.

But what IS it?

ESG criteria are a set of standards measuring a business’s impact on society, the environment, and how transparent and accountable it is.

Do they matter?

At the moment, they are predominantly used to screen investments and to encourage companies to act responsibly.  Investors are increasingly applying them as part of their analysis process.  As countries are entering a period of green transformation, particularly in economic sectors, it is not unrealistic to expect ESG ratings to become more and more important over the coming years.

Do I need to know about them?

This all depends in how committed you want to be in furthering change.  As ESG criteria becomes more important, possessing knowledge on how they work, why they’re important and how to apply them could give you a professional edge.  Any industry that you many wish to pursue a career in will be looking to effectively reduce their footprint, so Planetary feels this could be good enough reason to get clued up!

Posted by Claire Edwards 10 August 2022

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