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Keep October HallowGREEN!

Top tips for the eco-conscious vampires, ghouls and pumpkins in your life!

Halloween isn’t exactly the most sustainable holiday – cheap costumes, plastic decorations and hundreds of sweet wrappers… (just us?!)

Planetary is here to round up our top tips to keep yourselves HallowGREEN this season…

1 – DIY costumes

Why not raid your cupboards and wardrobes and recycle bits that you already own into something new? If you need something extra, consider raiding your local charity or second hand shops first.

2 – Use ALL of your pumpkin

It’s estimated that 8 millions pumpkins are thrown out come November in the UK alone! Why not replant the seeds, and use the the fruit inside to make a warming Autumnal soup? You could also use the carved pumpkin as a bird feeder, or contact local wildlife parks to see whether they would like any old pumpkins as enrichment items for their animals! It would also be extra environmentally friendly to buy your pumpkins from local farms or markets.

3 – Ditch the plastic decs

If you’re looking to decorate, why not search in local craft shops for recyclable paper and cardboard to create your own paper chains and spooky window shapes? Anything black, orange or toxic waste green goes!

4 – Trick or treat

Reject the plastic buckets for the kiddos – why not reuse an old sack, pillow case, or hat to collect sweets in from your neighbours? If you’ll be at home giving out the treats instead, why not give out something useful and with less of a carbon footprint, like pencils, or seedbombs? Walking or cycling (safely!) around your local area rather than driving is also a great alternative.

5 – Party on

Halloween parties are popular, but waste is the greatest impact on the environment during this period. Look at reducing waste by using biodegradable items, buying only as much as you need, and using cup trackers so that your guests don’t waste too many! A compost heap would also help you to dispose of any leftovers.

6 – Think ahead

Any changes you make to this year, can they be used again next Halloween? Use this rule when planning your swaps – if the answer is yes, you’re automatically being more sustainable!


Have a safe and happy Halloween, from all at Planetary!

Posted by Claire Edwards 22 October 2022

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