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Plastic Pioneers: Jacob Nathan Leads the Way

Image © Jacob Nathan

Young scientist set up his business at just 18 years old.

When Jacob Nathan needed to come up with a school science project, no one could ever have predicted that the result would lead to a multi-million dollar business on his hands…

Whilst studying at his independant school in North London, Jacob collected plastic, taking swabs to combine bacteria in an attempt to break down plastics using enzymes. After speaking with a family friend, enzyme expert Doug Kell, they decided to go into business – Epoch BioDesign.

Now, Jacob’s company employs 21 computer science and biochemistry experts and in the last 4 years has raised over £15million in combined venture capital and Government funding.

Their lab has developed a commercial process whereby enzymes are added to plastic, breaking it down into chemical compounds that can be used in creating new plastics, paint, fertillisers, face cream or food flavourings.

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Posted by Bob Edwards 8 April 2023

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