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Who is Gladys Kamasanyu?

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The inspiring woman that has convicted over 600 traffickers in Africa's first wildlife court.

Poaching is a cause of species decline that has sadly become all too commonplace when discussing threats to wildlife across the globe. Trafficking, too, is a regularly noted crime when debating conservation strategies and species survival action. But who makes sure that these activities are suitably punished, and that the perpetrators of these crimes are brought to justice?

Meet Gladys.

She is currently the head of Africa’s first and only specialized wildlife court, the Uganda Wildlife Court located in Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. In 2016, Gladys along with two other judicial officers were tasked with establishing the Court on the ground.

In that time, she has tried more than 1000 wildlife cases, convicting more than 600 trafficking offenders and even sentencing one poacher to life in prison. Sentencing that the the director of Uganda’s environmental agency claims has resulted in criminals thinking twice about committing these offences within her jurisdiction.

By setting up volunteer organisation, Help African Animals, Gladys hopes to support behavioural change, raise awareness, provide workshops to law makers and advocate for better wildlife laws in the pursuit of becoming  Africa’s leading experts in Animal Law.

If you have been inspired by Gladys and would like to support her mission, you can find contact details for volunteering for the organisation on their website here!


Posted by Bob Edwards 8 April 2023

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