UK-Based CO2 Solution to Air Travel Emissions!

Image © OXCCU

Have Oxford company found a way to fly guilt-free?

An Oxford-based group have developed a jet fuel using CO2 that could make travelling by air more sustainable by 2030.

The group, OXCCU, uses a process known as the “organic combustion method”, which effectively reverses the process of burning fuel, by taking carbon dioxide and hydrogen and applying a catalyst made from iron, manganese and potassium to create hydrocarbons.

Partnering with United Airlines and two global energy companies, OXCCU has secured major funding to continue production at Oxford University.

Aviation currently contributes around 4 per cent to human-induced global warming, but according to chief executive, Andrew Symes, speaking to The Telegraph: “People want to continue flying but without the climate impact.Traditional vegetable oil based biofuels are limited by feedstock availability and land use. Hence people are turning to CO2 derived fuels. The challenge to date for CO2 derived fuels has been cost and that’s the challenge we’re solving.”


Posted by Bob Edwards 10 June 2023

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