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Redonda: An Eco-restoration Success!

How one small island has become a paradise for wildlife.

In the Caribbean, a tiny island has quietly become a secret haven for wildlife.  Once desolate, Redonda is now a protected area and is paving the way for eco-restoration.

From migrating birds, a coral reef, seagrass meadows and native lizards, the project was launched in 2016 and piloted by local NGO, the Environmental Awareness Group (EAG), in sync with the government and overseas partners including Fauna and Flora International (FFI). 15 species of bird have already returned to the island, and the collective also hopes to reintroduce many lost native species, such as the burrowing owl, in the future.

Redonda is now the largest marine protected area in the Eastern Caribbean.


Posted by Bob Edwards 3 October 2023

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