Cookie Policy

Planetary uses cookies to improve our site’s performance and the user experience we deliver.

What You Need to Know

Cookies are a common tool used online to learn about and respond to user website activities. They are stored on your device’s web browser by the websites you visit. Most websites, web applications and mobile applications use cookies to improve your user experience and deliver relevant ads to you.

How Does Planetary Use Cookies?

Like many websites, Planetary International uses cookies to collect additional website data, although a lot of our website functions do not use cookies, such as browsing our learning content. When you allow cookies, we use the information to understand better how our services are being accessed, to monitor usage patterns and to offer you a more personalised experience when visiting, including offering relevant adverts and nearby events.

  • Performance Cookies (to study how our website is being used, and identify error messages)
  • Analytics Cookies (to measure new users, returning users and site traffic)
  • Advertising Cookies (to provide the most relevant adverts based on your web usage)
  • Site Improvement (to personalise your experience, and remember preferences such as your location for event searches)
  • Measuring Marketing (to help us plan the best marketing strategies and gauge whether current ones are working)

Want to opt out?

You are able to opt out of providing information for cookies by selecting ‘no’ to our confirmation notice.

However, please be aware that some website functions may not work as effectively, such as remembering your preferences for event searches. To remove existing cookies from your browser,

follow the guidance below:


This document was last updated October 2020.