Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact Planetary?

You can contact Planetary via or on any of our social media platforms! Please allow up to 2-3 working days for a response. If your query requires a longer reply, please be aware this may take additional time.

How can I submit an article?

Planetary welcomes articles from any person who is passionate about the environment – whether you are a professional ecologist, expert in your field, budding journalist, researcher, writer, teacher, lecturer or student, or simply share the same core values in helping the planet, we would love to hear from you! Whilst there are no guarantees that every piece will be published, all submissions will be read and you will receive a response from Planetary.

How can I list my organisation/educational facility on your website?

We have two tabs available on our website where your information can be listed. These are ‘Organisations’ and ‘Educators’. We request that a pre-set template is completed to share your relevant information with Planetary to feature on our website. This will allow interested organisations/schools/colleges/universities to view your information for potential collaboration. You can submit an online form by following this link: [to be inserted]

Please ensure you have read fully our Privacy and Data Policy and Cookies Notice before submitting your information.

How can my organisation/educational facility collaborate with another?

At the core of Planetary’s ethos is facilitating joined up thinking, so if you would like to collaborate with either Planetary or another organisation/educational facility listed on the site to help solve an environmental issue, we would be happy to help connect you. Alternatively, you can make contact directly through the information and links that form part of the listed details. We would very much like to feature any collaboration made through Planetary on our website, so please ensure that you let us know!

If you would like Planetary to make contact on your behalf, please send an email to detailing the following information:

  • Name of your organisation/school/college/university
  • Name of the organisation/school/college/university you would like to partner with
  • The nature of the project you would like to collaborate on, including what your plan is and how you hope this will positively impact the environment
  • What assistance you believe the proposed partnership could offer you

Planetary will be pleased to get in touch with your chosen partner and help to form an introduction if your proposal is accepted. Good luck!

How factual is the content on your website?

  • Planetary strives to feature the most credible, up to date information throughout our website.
  • Our learning pages are based on the United Nations’ 17 Global Goals for Sustainability, and our Solutions tab utilises consultation with experts from environmental and ecological fields.
  • Whilst Planetary staff attempt to proofread all articles and news items, many will be based on opinion or individual research that we simply cannot always account for. For more information please read our disclaimers under ‘Terms of Use’.

What is Planetarypedia?

Planetarypedia is a growing source of information about the environment and the ecologies that exist on our planet. We try to feature the most up to date articles on our Home page as well as on our News page. These are then moved to Planetarypedia as a resource bank, for research and to provide an interdisciplinary supplement to subjects included in the secondary school curriculum. The environment and the developments that affect it are dynamic, and we strive to update Planetarypedia with the latest information. We date the articles when we load them and review them from time to time in order to ascertain if they contain latest thinking. However, we welcome comments about the articles contained in Planetarypedia and will delete any that are successfully considered or proven to be inaccurate or incorrect. Again, please refer to our disclaimers in this regard.

Can I become a member of Planetary?

We are considering a membership scheme for Planetary. This may contain discounted entry to places to visit in the UK, a rewards scheme, invitations to workshops and conferences, and enhanced participation in environmental projects and events. We have other ideas in mind too, including the formation of affinity groups around pastimes, clubs and sports that utilise and benefit from, the environment. If you are interested to learn more, please send us an email at […].