No Poverty

Poverty is an issue that in many ways underpins and impacts all other goals for sustainability, and the most surprising thing is that it is likely present right on all of our doorsteps...


The word ‘poverty’ often conjures imagery of third world countries, starvation and slums… but in fact covers multiple dimensions and layers of all global societies and communities.  The Millennium Development Goals (which preceded the 17 Sustainable Development Goals) facilitated one of the most successful and effective anti-poverty movements in history between 2000 and 2015.  Yet despite this, around 700 million people around the world are still living in extreme poverty. Causes include inequality, vulnerability, social exclusion, lack of  education, lack of work, overpopulation, disease, lack of infrastructure, lack of healthcare, less resources, poor Government structure  and natural disasters… all which prevent human beings from leading safe, productive and healthy lives.

What can YOU do to help?

Actively engage in policy making within your community.

The Government can create jobs and the private sector can grow the economy… therefore researching how your area is managed is vitally important.

Take an interest in science!

Science is a powerful tool in resolving poverty through innovation, invention (such as instant water purifiers) and medical progress in combatting diseases. You could become an important humanitarian pioneer one day by studying hard in science!

Promote equality...

throughout all areas of your life and read the resources on our Reduced Inequalities page.

Set up a project in your community to help the homeless.

According to Shelter, there are 320,000 homeless people in the UK alone. You could run a collection drive of food, clothing, blankets and sleeping bags, or something as simple as delivering hot drinks on a cold night. Global poverty requires local solutions, so looking after people suffering in your community is a great first step.

Volunteer at your local soup kitchen.

You can offer to volunteer alone, with your friends or as a community group.

Get involved with a shoebox scheme!

Community groups and schools fill shoeboxes with toys, goodies and education materials to send to less fortunate children. Check here for available programmes and information.

Set up a fundraiser for Sport Relief, Comic Relief or Children in Need!

Since 1985 Comic Relief has raised £1billion for people living in poverty… you can help too by supporting a charity!

Did you know?

Poverty is widespread and is also present in developed western countries such as the UK and America. According to records for 2017/18, the poverty rate in the UK was 22%, in the US 1 in 7 children are born into poverty.

Young People in Action!

Robby Novak

The ‘Kid President’ aka. Robby Novak started delivering his ‘pep talks’ on YouTube from the age of 8 with the help of his brother-in-law. His videos calling for people to take a better path in supporting each other have been viewed by millions across the world. His most famous and inspiring quote is “if we’re all on the same team, let’s start acting like it.” His empowering talks have been well received globally and in 2013 Robby was invited to the White House to meet Barak Obama.

You can see more videos from Robby and his brother in law here.

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