Gender Equality

Disparity between genders exists all across the world and is an underlying presence in multiple other global goals.


Despite gender equality being a fundamental human right, women are still globally underrepresented across sectors such as politics, wealth, land ownership and leadership.  Oppression, violence, diminished access to healthcare, unpaid domestic work and child marriage all impact the time available for females to complete their education and develop the skills and confidence to secure paid work.  Gender inequality limits the capacity for society to advance in improving security, education, health and poverty, and means that up to half of the planet’s population do not reach their full potential.


What can YOU do to help?

Fight for an end to period poverty

Help prevent girls from missing out on education every month. There are many petitions you can sign via Global Citizen, or you could support companies that actively tackle the issue. Hey Girls, for example, donate one box of period products for every box purchased. You can also let your friends know about the new Government initiative to make products free in schools.

Follow strong, female influencers!

By searching hashtags such as #femaleinspiration, #genderequality, #girlpower and #womenempowerment you will find plenty of women from across the world of all ages fighting for gender equality. Find out what they’re about, start a conversation and take inspiration to empower other females on your planet!

Attend a WOW Foundation Women of the World Festival!

Celebrate with some of the most inspiring women from across the globe.


Stay in school! Complete your education as far as you want to for yourself. Study subjects that interest you—if you want to be a mechanic, don’t let anybody stop you!


Support your female friends to stay in school and follow whichever path they want to.

What can men do?

Support the end of all violence against women. Recognize women’s work within the home, and encourage the females in your life to participate in politics, such as voting and public speaking. Within your workplace, choose to work alongside women and promote their right to equal pay, input, opportunities and leadership. Male behaviours are key in addressing unconscious bias, and by doing so you become an everyday changemaker for all goals.

Did you know?

If female farmers were given the same resources as men, hunger could be reduced by up to 150 million people. Only 13% of agricultural land is owned by women.

Young People in Action!

Payal Jangid

Even at just 17, Payal was the first Indian to win the Changemaker Award at the Goalkeepers Global Goals Awards, presented by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Payal has been campaigning and working towards abolishing child marriage in her home village since the age of 11, when she stood up to her own parents and successfully prevented her own arranged marriage from going ahead. Her village is now classed as ’child-friendly’, and Payal organised rallies and protests in neighbouring villages to encourage them to speak against injustice.

Image © The World’s Children’s Prize

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