Clean Water and Sanitation

‘The right to water and sanitation’ was recognised as a fundamental, basic human right by the United Nations back in 2010. Despite this, almost a third of people globally still do not have access to fresh, safe drinking water, and billions of people remain lacking of basic sanitation facilities.


As our planet’s waters become increasingly polluted by waste, carbon emissions, litter and chemicals, the absence of clean water and effective sanitation causes untold damage to biodiversity and multiple ecosystems, as well as human death due to related but highly preventable diseases.   We must as a planet improve the quality of available water by managing it more sustainably, supporting developing countries in their waste treatment processes, ending open defecation with improved facilities and reducing the release of pollutants into our rivers and oceans to prevent contamination.

What can YOU do to help?

Reduce your own water waste

Simple actions such as installing a slow-flow shower head, not leaving the tap running and flushing the toilet less will go a long way!

Support charities...

such as Water Aid and UNICEF, who are working hard to reach the UN Sustainability Targets in relation to providing clean water solutions to third world countries.

Be mindful of what you rinse down your sink

Avoid running paints, oils or chemicals down the plug and use environmentally friendly household items instead where possible.

Sign as many petitions as possible

Support improvements and keep governments accountable…. Global Citizen lists many related campaigns to help you take instant action.


Research companies that support humanitarian ventures, such as Lifesaver, who have developed bottles and jerrycans that can purify dirty, unsafe water in seconds.


Mark World Water Day each year on 22nd March and World Toilet Day on 19th November to raise awareness of the issues surrounding clean water and sanitation—organise an event, fundraise or simply share important information on your social media!

Young People in Action!

Autumn Peltier

Autumn is a youth water activist and grew up on an indigenous reserve in Canada. At the age of 8 whilst attending a water ceremony she discovered that much of the water in the community and surrounding Canadian indigenous reserves was polluted to the point of being unsafe for consumption—she knew she had to take action. At the age of 10, Autumn was invited to speak at the Children’s Climate Conference and to the UN General Assembly in 2018 at the age of 13. She has since been nominated for an International Children’s Peace Prize in 2019, and has been named chief water commissioner for the Anishinabek Nation.

Image © @autumn.peltier (Instagram)

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