Decent Work and Economic Growth

Just because someone is employed it does not necessarily guarantee that they can escape the cycle of poverty. In 2018, 8% of employed workers were still living below the poverty line. Work must therefore provide security, a fair income, and equal, inclusive opportunities for all. To achieve this, enforced labour needs to be eradicated and labour/trade rights improved.


Increased job availability is required to provide quality employment without harming the environment, as well as greater resource efficiency and infrastructure, such as a commitment to providing access to banking, financial services and investment.  By improving the conditions that employees are required to work in living standards can also improve, and crime and unrest will decrease.  Decent training opportunities result in people becoming skilled and equipped to contribute to the development of their communities through meaningful work. The more people that are able to contribute, the better the progress that can be made in all areas of the economy, and the more likely it is that sustainable growth will be achieved.

What can YOU do to help?

Lend money to people in third world countries

You can give loans to people working hard to establish their own businesses and lift their communities out of poverty. Check out Lend With Care and Deki who both work to empower entrepreneurs to support themselves!

Help to level the playing field...

Promote equality throughout the employment sector by reading our resource pages on Reduced Inequalities and Gender Equality.

Research all opportunities available for youths to access decent and meaningful work and training

Apprenticeships, for example, are a fantastic way to enter the workplace if you prefer to learn more practically than academically. You do not necessarily have to have a degree to secure a job you will enjoy!

Utilise technology and connect with others

Apps such as LinkedIn and Young Professionals UK empower individuals to advance their careers by bringing people together.

Swap some of your shopping for Fairtrade or sustainably sourced products

Fairtrade allows farmers and workers in developing countries a say in everything they do, by setting standards and certifying products. You could also buy items that use sustainable fishing methods (as this supports fishermen adhering to environmental guidelines) and products containing sustainably sourced palm oil. Both can be identified by packaging logos shown on our Life on Land and Life Below Water pages.

Young People in Action!

Camilla Rice-Aguilar

Camilla grew up visiting fair trade communities from a very early age with her father, Paul Rice, the CEO of Fair Trade USA. Having a wealth of first hand experience behind her, Camilla followed in her father’s footsteps and introduced the fair trade movement to her high school by bringing fair trade products onto the campus to raise awareness; a move that would result in her school becoming the 23rd official Fair Trade high school in America. She is now running a similar campaign at Brown University and hopes to continue spreading the fair trade movement throughout all schools and colleges.

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