Partnerships for the Goals

The 16 preceding goals demonstrate how we as the inhabitants of our planet can take daily action to support a better environment for us all. However, how will this make a difference on a global scale?


For the Sustainable Development Goals to be a success, partnerships between governments, scientists, academics, civil society and the private sector must be formed in order to mobilise increased resources for development, finance, better technology, capacity and trade. The goals are universal and based on shared values and principles; therefore it is down to a global commitment of both developed and developing countries to work together, take action and join the dots— Planetary’s mission!

What can YOU do to help?

Create your own mini partnerships!

Join or start groups in your local community to take action and protect your environment. You can find tips for making improvements at home, in schools, at work and the wider community throughout our Planetary learning resource pages!

Encourage local businesses

to partner with organisations, schools, universities and community groups to bring about change together. They can start this process in a simple way by joining Planetary and submitting their information for listing on our connections pages.

Research and contact local or national charities

Find out how you can help or contribute to their causes.


Share knowledge, share information about the SDGs, share your actions with your friends, family and local community, and share your initiatives with Planetary! What are you doing to help?

Download the World’s Largest Lesson Sustainable Development App!

Available on Apple or Android and carry all 17 goals in your pocket wherever you go!

Buy Fair Trade products from developing countries

Look for the logo in shops and supermarkets.

Look for...

...the Fairtrade symbol on products, which demonstrates farmers in developing countries are paid a fair price for their products.

Young People in Action!

Carter & Olivia Ries

Brother and sister Carter and Olivia founded an organisation at the ages of just 8 and 7 after adopting cheetahs in South Africa. One More Generation (OMG) is a not-forprofit organisation which aims to join and empower youth globally and hopes to educate others around the world about the plight of endangered wildlife and our environment. They created an award winning Plastic and Recycling Awareness Curriculum for American students which is also being considered in several other countries, and initiated the global OneLessStraw campaign.

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