Cambridge Carbon Capture

Cambridge Carbon Capture, Allia Future Business Centre, Kings Hedges Road, Cambridge, CB4 2HY, United Kingdom cacaca.co.uk michael.evans@cacaca.co.uk 07795025550

Key Environmental Statement

We are passionate about developing a solution to deal with climate change.

Company Pledges & Initiatives

Our patented technology, CO 2 LOC technology, offers a realistic solution to climate change by allowing industries to sequester CO 2 efficiently, through a two-step mineralization process. This process allows carbon dioxide to be sequestered, in the form of rock which can be used in several fields of application. This technology is unique in its ability to adapt to industries, allowing them to invest in reducing emissions from the combustion of fossil fuels. Our advanced process, involving inexpensive raw materials, decarbonises emissions, while simultaneously producing recoverable by-products CCC’s technology has the potential to make carbon capture profitable enabling the ‘profit motive’ to drive the rapid take up of their technology and maximise its impact on reducing CO2 emissions driving climate change.

Environmental Projects & Achievements

CCC Reached the 4th round of the InnovateUK Grant Competition

Secured funding with University of Cambridge

Secured funding with InnovateUK

Who do we work with?

University of Cambridge

University of Sheffield

Northern Gas Networks

Innovate UK


Wales & West Utilities

Energy Innovation Centre



Otto Simon


Dreadnought Tiles

Queen Mary of London University