Green Schools Project

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"To enable young people to fulfil their potential by providing resources and support to schools to engage them in environmental projects, building their skills and aspirations while encouraging them, their community and wider society to live in a more sustainable way."

The Mission - Green Schools Project

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Zero Carbon Schools Programme

The government’s target of becoming carbon neutral by 2050 is too late. The project offers interactive training workshops for students, teachers and communities to support the development of an educational ‘hubs’ that adequately reflect the urgency and severity of the climate and ecological crisis.


Climate Action Programme

The Climate Action programme is a series of teacher training sessions to support teachers to help their school develop an adequate response to the climate crisis; to include climate and the natural world into the curriculum and help students develop a greater connection to nature. The sessions can be done as standalone, a series over the course of an academic year, or combined in a half or full day.  The project also facilitates outdoor experiental learning to help develop a connection to nature. This improves mental health and wellbeing of staff, changes mindsets and promotes team building.


Eco-Team Support Programme (not currently running due to COVID-19 restrictions)

The project can provide a volunteer eco-supporter to attend schools and support environmental projects, as well as visits from experts throughout the year to support the implementation of projects alongside students and teachers.


The Social Business Challenge

The Social Business Challenge will inspire your Key Stage 4 or 5 students to rethink how business can operate and how they can drive positive change in society. Through participation in the challenge pupils will develop enterprise, team work, presentation, creativity, problem solving and sustainability skills.  The challenge will be led by staff from Green Schools Project who will visit your school twice over a two or three-week period.