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"Creating a healthier, fairer and more sustainable future, one search at a time..."

About Solvos

Solvos is an international social enterprise which works with global partners to solve planet earth’s biggest problems. We recognise that to fix large scale problems such as climate change, species extinction, global conflict and food and water security that we need to create a safer, healthier, more socially equal planet.

100% of all Solvos profits are used to help to repair planet earth – 80% of profits are distributed to our partners, 10% is used to fund new Solvos ‘Earth Repair’ initiatives and the final 10% is donated to small scale community projects around the world.

Scroll for Solvos' achievments in numbers!

2533 trees planted


30 care parcels delivered for the homelss


66 coastal cleanup kits provided

250 nights of shelter provided for vulnerable young people

12 acres of land protected or created for biodiversity

25 days of emergency medical care provided to crisis zones

10 women’s rights ambassadors trained for a week

£2,880 raised for the Solvos search engine!

Future Plans & Projects

Our most ambitious plan that we are currently working on is a global event which will see 100 musical gigs in one day to raise awareness for partners and cash for core issues. We have an album recorded by more than 50 musicians from around the world that will be released as part of this and we have global media interest so the idea is to get everyone involved shouting about each other all in one intense period to really ramp things up.

How Can You Help?

  • Set Solvos as your search engine!
  • Become an ambassador!
  • Donate by paying your earth repair bill!
  • Follow Solvos on social media and share projects!

"Making Solvos your default search engine really can change the world for the better. Make Solvos your default search engine, spread the word and fix our planet."