Anushka Mukherjee


Anushka Mukherjee is co-founder of Plastfree, a menstrual hygiene brand that has a mission to make organic period product accessible and affordable to all.  She founded the business with her husband Abi in 2019 in London and hopes to improve empowerment and education of young women around the world. Her passion to be a change maker combined with the need to switch to environment friendly essentials, fuelled the concept of Plastfree. Born in Kolkata and seeing poverty around her, she made sure her business reflected her altruistic side too by supporting unemployed, disabled and those in need addressing period poverty not only in UK but abroad too.

Plastfree UK is a team of women and men from all walks of life, united together to create sustainable hygiene products of excellent value for women & our planet. Plastfree family in a short period of time is present in UK, Canada & UAE all working towards a vision of plastic free periods.

You can read more about Anushka’s mission here!

"The choice is ours to live consciously and keep plastic out of periods!"

Anushka Mukherjee

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