Dr Christopher Sandom

Ecology Lecturer, University of Sussex
Profile image © Christopher Sandom.

Dr Christopher Sandom gained a BSc. in Environmental Biology and Geography (joint honours) and an MSc. in Managing Environmental Change from St Andrews University, Scotland. On completion he established a conservation volunteer programme on the Alladale Reserve in the Scottish Highlands, running this programme for two years leading volunteers in activities such as tree planting, red deer management, GIS mapping and wild boar (Sus scrofa) behavioural monitoring. He then began the research for his PhD with WildCRU in 2007, studying wild boar as a conservation management tool to aid the re-establishment of the Caledonian Pine Forest and control bracken on the Alladale Reserve.

Dr Chris is currently Senior Lecturer in Biology at the University of Sussex, and has recently started working with Planetary in an advisory capacity for content, producing video diaries and solutions for our Rewilding topic.

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