James Sandom

Nutrition Coach

James Sandom is a practicing evidence-based nutrition coach. After graduating from the University of Manchester with a Bsc in Marketing in 2019, he spent a year in the industry before embarking on a new adventure. After years of battling with his physical health he wanted to learn the most up to date methods when it comes to everything nutrition, to ultimately help others achieve their goals. In his time he has experimented with a wide range of diets, both for environmental and health reasons, and the flexitarian approach is one that has always captured his interest from a sustainability point of view for both the planet and for dietary adherence.

James spoke to Planetary about how nutrition can impact the planet, and tells us why he’s supporting people to make the change. You can read the article exclusively here!

He works closely with clients to help implement sustainable changes to their lives, and could help you too! If you’d like to find out more about James or his story head over to @JMSNutrition on Instagram or find him on Facebook as James M Sandom Nutrition.

"It's impressive how younger audiences are those ready to lead from the front."

James Sandom

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