Mark Haviland

Sustainability Coach

Mark is a sustainability evangelist and coach, dedicated to helping decision-makers and future leaders understand the transition we are going through and the role they can play.  Values and prosperity are naturally entwined, so we need to live and work with that in mind.

25 years in the international media and tech world opened Mark’s eyes to the serious need for change and the opportunity ahead for leadership.

Now working with NGOs (Vice-Chair of the Marine Conservation Society), corporations and graduates, Mark is helping shape the story we need to tell to create a domino effect of actions.  Through Shift17, founded in August of 2021, he will be contributing to the existing and emerging movements of change that will deliver on the hope we all share; a world secure in its social and environmental future.

If you would like to share ideas or experiences you have or discuss these issues further, Mark has not only written a comprehensive article for Planetary You filled with advice and knowledge, he is setting up a series of online workshops to help graduates network, share and learn. You can contact him via email  or call +447967335318.

"Starting out as a new employee can be daunting, you will make mistakes, but with diligence, a willingness to learn, act, then lead where you can on the issues that matter to us all, you’ll find your career being a force for good from the very beginning."

Mark Haviland

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