Michael Evans

Entrepreneur & Innovator

Michael Evans is a serial entrepreneur and innovator dedicated to finding technological and
commercial solutions to tackling climate change. He has founded and co-founded a number of
cleantech companies including CMR Fuel Cells plc which was floated on AIM at a valuation of
£50m in 2005 and Green-Tide Turbines Ltd, developing tidal turbine technologies. He is now
CEO of Cambridge Carbon Capture Ltd, (CCC), a start-up developing game changing CO2
capture and mineralisation technology permanently converting CO2 to valuable mineral by-

CCC’s technology has the potential to make carbon capture profitable enabling the ‘profit
motive’ to drive the rapid take up of their technology and maximise it’s impact on reducing CO2
emissions driving climate change.

Michael is an active lobbyist on industrial and climate change policy and the ‘design’ of money.
He is an active member on the Science, Innovation and Industry Committee reporting to the
Greater Cambridge and Peterborough Local Enterprise Partnership.

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