Privacy Policy

Planetary takes protecting your privacy and data very seriously, and takes as reasonable steps as possible to secure your information and keep it safe.

When you choose to use our website or communicate with us, we collect information and data. Personal information (or a combination of different pieces of information) is anything that can be used to identify you.  Planetary International has produced this policy with consideration to GDPR via the Data Protection Act 2018.

Why and When Does Planetary Collect Data?

Planetary International collects information for multiple reasons; however, the main purpose is so that we can understand who is using our services and how our information is being utilised, so that we can communicate important messages in the most effective ways. We collect information when you contact us directly, for example, to submit an article for publication, when you submit a template for our ‘Educators’ or ‘Organisations’ pages, when you search for an event using your location, use our embedded footprint calculator or interactive tools, subscribe to Planetary International newsletters, or via automated technologies such as using cookies when you visit our website or social media accounts. You can view our ‘Cookie Notice’ here.

What Information does Planetary Collect?

Depending on how you utilise our site, information that we may collect via your interactions could include:

  • Your name, geographical location, postal address, contact numbers, email address, school/organisation & social media accounts
  • Any information you enter onto our website, i.e. when taking part in the ‘Term Challenge’
  • Records of correspondence with us via post, email or telephone
  • Articles for publication written by you, which may include your opinions and theories
  • Photos or images provided to us to support reports, articles or features across the website

How Does Planetary Use Your Data?

Planetary uses your information in the following ways:

  • Keeping you up to date by sharing relevant information back to you, via marketing opportunities (if opted in) and our general newsletter (automatic opting on agreeing to Terms of Use)
  • Providing you with any requests you have made, i.e. for assistance with a project
  • Responding to direct contact via email, telephone or post
  • Understanding how we can improve your user experience including personalisation of services we offer to you
  • Analytics of our website performance
  • Development of the website services offered

Planetary Collects Information Legally

The law requires that Planetary International only process data where there is a valid legal foundation for doing so. Our website generally relies on your consent as a legal basis, as generally, Planetary International will be collecting information that visitors have willingly supplied, such as completed templates submitted for listing on our ‘Educators’ or ‘Organisations’ page, articles submitted for publication or email subscription to any services that Planetary International may offer. Planetary International also relies on our legitimate interests in providing the best services possible to our customers and to facilitate environmental change. We will use information to contact you when relevant or necessary, keep a record of your relationship to Planetary International, thank you for your support and update you on progress, record communications, administration, contacting you for further information or feature opportunities, inviting you to events or to take part in challenges, and analysing website usage to improve our customer experience.

Under 18s

Planetary International understands that, as a website primarily targeted towards students who are predominantly under the age of 18, we must take special measures in protecting the data of young people.  As such, Planetary International integrates the Children’s Code where possible in advance of the end of the introductory transition period on 2 September 2021. To conform with the code, Planetary International will:

  • Provide privacy settings that are high by default (i.e. only collecting data that is relevant and necessary)
  • Switch off geo-location services
  • Not ask for additional, non-relevant data after the full registration process has been followed

What Will Planetary Contact You About?

Planetary International will not spam you! However, there may be certain times where we may need to get in touch:

  • To provide you with information you have requested, e.g. for copies of our learning resources or details regarding submission of articles
  • Marketing, i.e. to invite you to events or Planetary International workshops/conferences, to offer you the opportunity to collaborate, to share our environmental messages or a request completion of a template to feature your school or business on our website
  • To thank or reward you for your support, or offer a status to you such as ‘Planetary Hero’
  • Certain parts of the site will be accessible via registration only.  During sign up, registrations will be asked if they want to opt into relevant marketing opportunities, namely: 1) targeted jobs based on interests selected, 2) educational opportunities based on level selected 3) relevant competitions based on age bracket selected. Targeted marketing will only be issued where this box is ticked during registration.
  • ‘Opportunities’ and targeted marketing does not include our generalised Planetary newsletter, which will provide environmental news and updates. Registrations will automatically opt into receiving our newsletter by agreeing to our Terms of Use during registration, but may unsubscribe at any time by contacting or via the Mailchimp button embedded in the circular.

What About Social Media Marketing?

Planetary International works with social media marketers to produce campaigns on behalf of Planetary International across a range of social media platforms, namely:

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Twitter

Planetary International has plans to produce campaigns primarily to promote the education, collaboration, connectivity and involvement of the general public in engagement with nature and environmentally based solutions.

Social media platforms use browsing history to target various advertisements.  For example, Facebook ads are targeted to users based on their location, demographic, and profile information.  Please be aware that Planetary International may utilise targeted marketing to reach specific groups when producing their social media campaigns.

How Does Planetary Keep Your Information Safe?

There is unfortunately never a 100% guarantee that all transmission or submission of data is completely secure on any website, but Planetary International takes reasonable steps to do what we can to protect your information to the best of our ability. Planetary International does not share or sell your data with third parties for marketing purposes, and we only keep data for as long as necessary to provide an enhanced user experience. We have technology in place to ensure that submitted information is reasonably encrypted, and our website is maintained by a professional web development company. Only those employees at Planetary International that have a reasonable need to view and access information are given the permission and access to do so, although this will from time to time include our contracted web maintenance / development team, and social media marketer where relevant. We also provide the option to opt out of cookies. Please read our Cookie Notice for more information.

Registration data is collated by our website database, and an email issued to a password protected Google Mail inbox containing registration information.  Emails are removed from this inbox on a periodic basis when no longer needed for the purposes of populating the website, or upon withdrawal of consent by the individual/school/university/organisation/business. Only permitted staff and the web development team are able to access the central inbox and signup/registration data collated via WordPress.

Please note – the Planetary International website contains numerous links to third party websites, which will likely contain their own policies on privacy and data. Planetary International does not accept any responsibility or liability for information submitted to external websites followed from our included links.

What Are Your Rights?

  • You can request to see the information we hold about you at any time by contacting Planetary International directly (see ‘Make a Data Subject Access Request’)
  • You can ask us to correct any information we hold, whether this is published or unpublished
  • You are able to request that we remove or delete your data
  • Object to Planetary International processing certain aspects of your data, and requesting restrictions
  • Withdraw consent to process or store your information
  • Make a complaint to the Information Commissioner’s Office if you have any further concerns about Planetary International’s information rights practices. You can do this via their website.

Make a Data Subject Access Request (DSAR)

  • If you wish to make DSAR website please send an email to To consider your request we need your name, company/organisation/school name if relevant, contact details (both a land address, telephone number and email), and details of the exact data content you request. Please note that no action can be taken without this information.
  • Planetary International will aim to respond to such requests within 14 working days of receipt of original email, requesting further detail if necessary or providing relevant data as requested.


This document was last updated October 2020.